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Growing your business requires building strong connections with like-minded professionals and guests. Hosting a live conference or meeting gives you the platform to network with the right kind of people. We’ll work closely to dream up innovative ideas that help your brand secure an impressive return on your investment.



Share your message
with the world

There’s something exhilarating about being in a room surrounded by people that support your business and share in your vision. Let’s further your brand by spreading your message with raving fans and new guests alike. I’ll help you create a corporate conference or meeting that motivates attendees and creates a corporate culture of growth.


client reviews

Whitney lets her designs, and accomplishments speak for themselves, and they speak volumes

This is the human you want planning your special event for you. Her attention to detail, ability to create elaborate and exceptional designs, overall project management capabilities, and expertise in connecting with even the most challenging events, has Whitney stand out from all of the rest.

Eileen C. – Senior Event Manager

She is unstoppable, insanely talented, and can navigate through any challenge while making it look like a ballet.

Whitney is a shining star in the creative galaxy. She brought a humble, kind, and generous personality to our team and would excel anywhere. Under her exterior of grace and servitude is one of the strongest women I have ever met. She is one in a million and I recommend her without hesitation for any opportunity in her field.

Shelby W. – Business Development Manager

She completely transforms any blank space into something stunning with attention to all detail - big or small.

Whitney has an eye for detail and beauty that most don't. Each event is so meticulously crafted and created with so much personality and heart. Her creativity, drive, and unique design ideas make for a magical and memorable experience no matter the event. I cannot recommend her design and planning skills enough; she truly turns everything she touches from boring to beautiful.

Sofy T. – Marketing and Events Manager Pello Agency

Whitney’s flair for creativity and easy-going persona made her a natural fit for our agency.

Her clients love working with her as much as her colleagues & industry partners do…. and the results of her dedication to her craft are evidenced in her repeated event success stories.

Paul W. – Director of Account Services

If you are looking for an event planner, Whitney Coffman is the premier source for event planning and production.

She has made our event better and smoother in all areas. Thrive has become so much easier with Whitney on our side, not only during the event, but before and after the event occurs. Whitney answered every text, email, every call, and made us feel so special. She does all she can to meet all your expectations. We would highly recommend anyone to Whitney, and I look forward to continuing to work with her forever.” 

Sanja and Cole - Founders of Thrive

Whitney always delivered programs that had our clients talking about their experience long after the events were over.

Whitney has the rare combination of 'out-of-the-box creative thinking, detail oriented, personable, calm within the storm, and highly productive. Our company works with high profile individuals which require world-class excellence in all we do and Whitney always delivered programs that had our clients talking about their experience long after the events were over.

Jennifer P. - Vice President of Events Vistage International

Whitney has this incredible ability to transform everyday environments into magical experiences.

Her sense of presence and forward thinking propels any event she is creating into a story, a moment, a memory for all of those to carry with them. The detail Whitney brings to each project is impeccable, the magic is unparalleled. Thank you Whitney Coffman for your expertise and expert design. I feel so lucky to work alongside you.

Alison J. - Director of Events

She is the epitome of grace under fire and has a knack for fire drills and crisis communication under pressure.

Whitney has the outstanding ability to multi-task, manage and execute all the while making it look so effortless! The creativity and innovativeness displayed in the events she produces show her attention to detail and design. Most importantly (in my opinion) the relationships she cultivates with clients, vendors and industry partners show how much respect they have for her work and furthermore enjoy her and repeatedly request to work with her again. Whitney's superpower is producing high profile, unforgettable events that leave lasting impressions.

Lisa P. – Global Events Bristol Myers Squibb

 She keeps things on schedule and knows how to create an overall amazing experience for her clients when it comes to event planning.

Whitney Coffman is extremely professional, intelligent, and very detail oriented. She knows her ins and outs from preproduction of any type of event, knowing which questions to ask and when, and always being on top of her game. She allows people to feel safe, taken care of, and less stressed in any situation in dealing with venues, catering, AV, DJs, planning VIP parties, to helping connect with the talent, speakers, and audience, and managing team members all at the same time. She makes her role look effortless.

Tamara T. – CEO of Broadcast your Authority

She is a seasoned planner who loves to immerse her guests in the theme of the night.

I’ve worked with Whitney throughout the years. She is a seasoned planner who loves to immerse her guests in the theme of the night. I love designing marquee signs with her because I know it's going to be different, bigger, and better than the last one.

May G. – Owner of My Marquee SD



Undivided Attention

I’m committed to connecting with you on each point in the event planning process. Whether you have a quick question or want to brainstorm ideas, you’ll always have my complete attention. I’m dedicated to helping you achieve your end goals, and I always keep your return on investment in mind. 

Clear Communication

I know that you’re focused on running your business, and aren’t prepared to plan large-scale events without a helping hand. Let me handle all event curation and execution, while you stay present in your zone of genius. I’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way to make sure you’re involved and pleased with the event’s direction.

Full-service Planning

To provide you with the best value possible, you’ll receive a done-for-you event planning experience. From dreaming up out-of-the-box ideas to planning logistics and seeing the event through to the end, I’ll be there to handle it all. 

my commitment to you


Your brand is 


Backed by a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in live meetings and conferences, I can custom-create your project proposal. Based on the scope of work, I will only include the services that you need.

Some popular inclusions are: 

  • Site selection and contract negotiation
  • Audio/visual logistics and management
  • Accommodations management
  • Print and signage coordination
  • Vendor sourcing, coordination, and management
  • Catering selection and management
  • Timeline creation and staff debriefing
  • On-site event management
  • Evening events
  • And more!

With so many options to perfectly match your expectations, I’m confident that I can provide support in every aspect required to make your event an incredible success.

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At the beginning of your project, I’ll help with the concept creation for your event. We’ll discuss your vision and goals so I can dream up unique and innovative ideas to set your brand apart. Once the overall vision has been determined, I’ll proceed into the biggest phase of planning.



For the bulk of your project, I’ll work on sourcing all of the moving parts that will contribute to a cohesive and complete event. I’ll find the best design elements, vendors, entertainers, menu options, and more to communicate your brand story with your guests. Throughout this time, I’ll remain in constant communication so you’re aware of your event’s progress.



In the days leading up to your event, it’s time to start executing all of our ideas to perfection. I’ll be on-site to complete the set up and design, communicate with all incoming vendors, and serve as a guide for your guests from their arrival to their departure. Relax knowing that you can enjoy connecting with your people while I handle all of the logistics.




Why should I hire an event planner?

Working with an event planner is a great way to build an event without having to add more items to your never ending to-do list. Event planning is immersive, and so for your event to be successful, it will require careful planning and execution. With us by your side, you’ll create an experience for your guests that will help you achieve your goals in the long term.



If you’re unsure of which event type will best suit your business, please feel free to schedule an initial consultation. We’ll discuss your goals, the feeling you want throughout your event, and you’ll be able to ask any questions you have. Then, we can determine the appropriate scope for your project.


I have a BIG idea for an event. Can you make it happen?

I’m confident in my ability to bring big ideas to life. I pride myself on creative thinking and innovation, so there’s no idea too different for me to tackle. If you’ve got something in mind, let’s chat! I’d love to discuss how to make your vision a reality.


What size budget do I need for an event?

Big or small, each event is unique, which is why I offer custom proposals. I don’t offer predetermined packages so you’re able to select only the services you need. If you’re unsure of your budget, let’s talk to figure out the required scope of your project. Then, we can define an appropriate budget to make it happen.


Do you have a Team?

Whitney Coffman Events is a boutique event planning company bringing you the best service there is to offer in design, coordination, production, and management. Whitney will lead your event and a team is thoughtfully selected to assist throughout the process depending on your scope of work. We have a team of true event experts ready to create your vision and bring it to life.


Do you travel?

We create events in every major US city and beyond. Please reach out and provide details of your event so I can determine if I’m available to travel to your location. I may even be able to assist in planning your event without being on-site for the entire process. 


How far in advance do I need to start planning my event?

It’s best to reach out as far in advance as possible to lock in your event date. Even if we don’t start planning all of the details right away, having your team and location secured in advance will ensure a smooth planning process. If your event is right around the corner and you’re just getting started, reach out to us! We’ve been known to make miracles happen.